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Our Culture

We’re a bunch of people-persons.

We’re change-makers. Never-been-done-before-doers. We don’t just help people find jobs. We help them find their path. We don’t just meet a hiring quota. We meet a need.

We listen, understand, empathize, and connect. We believe in giving back. Crafting careers and fueling passions.

That’s the Premier way of being.



“I help people fulfill their potential. We’re not just changing their daily lives, we’re helping create their daily lives. That’s really rewarding to me.”


“Premier’s mission is to change lives, and I’m a living example of that. I wanted to change the world, and do something really invigorating and dynamic. I really do feel like I’m helping other people.”


“I love playing match-maker. Really listening to candidates and finding out what their needs are and then matching that with what our clients are looking for as well.”

Our promise

We’re committed to diversity and inclusion. We believe that diversity of people leads to diversity of thought, creativity, and a more equitable workplace and world.

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premier promise

“Meaning comes from belonging to and serving something beyond yourself” - Martin Seligman

Premier Promise is an extension of our mission to create meaning and change lives through giving.
Our program includes a commitment of financial resources, services resources and time.

Some current organizations that we support:

summer search

Since 1990, Summer Search has supported underprivileged youth through career coaching, counseling, mentorship, and advocacy to help young people fulfill their potential. Summer Search makes a long-term investment while providing students with support and life-changing experiences.

Premier’s team is proud to be career coaches to Summer Search college students, and be a partner in their college internship program.

Want to support the next generation of emerging talent?

If your company is interested hiring a Summer Search intern through Premier, please reach out!
tandemfounders circle

Tandem’s mission is to surround young children with interactive learning opportunities that build early language and literacy skills, strengthen social and emotional skills, and foster a lifelong love of learning. Tandem hopes to spark joy and close the opportunity gap.

Through a network of 120 community partners, Tandem reaches more than 17,000 children and families each year, nearly 80% of whom are living at or below the poverty level and more than half being English Language Learners.