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Introducing…Megan Myles!

Megan can only be described as a multi-hyphenate. She is an amazing colleague, hiring partner, mother, wife, and Military Spouse (MilSpouse) – and the list doesn’t stop there.

In her current role as a Recruiting Manager, Megan is incredibly levelheaded, fun, and keeps her cool in all situations. Above all else, she is dedicated to fostering growth in everyone she interacts with. We sat down and asked her a few questions about herself and what helps guide her in her career. For a peek into Megan, take a look at our exchange:

Can you tell us a little about yourself?

My name is Megan, and I love noodles and Haribo gummy bears. I was born and raised in California. I really am a people person with lots of helping bones in my body, I think of myself as the type to help bag someone’s groceries just because. I always wanted to be in healthcare because in my head I thought “what better way to help people?”. But when I entered the world of recruiting and professional development, I learned that this is the field I was made for. In my free time, I power lift with my husband, hold game night with my kids, and experiment in the kitchen.

Can you provide some color surrounding being a Mil-Spouse?

My Military affiliation stems from my husband’s active duty service. He served in the US Navy, the US Army National Guard Reserve, and his continued DOD contract work once he transitioned into his veteran status. In total, he served 10 years as an active duty service member and 4 years as a civilian contractor.

How does your experience as a MilSpouse impact your approach to your career?

I approach every opportunity with an open mind and full transparency. If I see a networking opportunity I take it, but I also expect employers to have hesitation when looking at my employment history because life is more complex than a resume. I am also grateful when I am given the opportunity to clarify any hesitation. In my current role as a recruiter, I always give candidates the floor to speak their piece and offer any clarity they need.

What opportunities do you think you benefited from, that more MilSpouses can tap into?

Networking was a big contributor as well as sharing my MilSpouse status. I would frequent the Fleet and Family Support centers when we would move to a new city and learned of the different employers that looked to hire MilSpouses. 2020 launched the norm of remote work and there are tons of online communities that only focus on providing opportunities that can be done remotely. Use your access and resources as a MilSpouse it will only help you in the long run.

As a MilSpous, what’s important for organizations you work with to value?

I believe that organizations I work with should value my transferrable skills, my education, and my Military affiliation. I believe those 3 attributes speak volumes about my character and they are great reasons to start a conversation with me. I also would like them to value the commitment an entire family makes when their significant other decide to serve our country. Although our service members are on the frontlines, they have an entire team on the home front that follows suit when major decisions are made or tragedies happen while they are deployed.

My dream vacation: would include two destinations – Phuket and the Maldives. I would eat lots of noodles, lounge around, and enjoy the sights and go with the flow.

If I were stranded on a desert island: I would choose to have unlimited drunkin’ noodles, lemonade, and water. 

If it were my last dinner on earth: I’d eat noodles – (just kidding)! I would have a nice tomahawk steak with grilled shrimp, mushroom risotto, grilled asparagus, and the biggest drink Fat Tuesdays has to offer.