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How to Use a Staffing Agency (6 Steps)

This page is for individuals looking to learn how to use a staffing agency from a candidate/talent perspective. If you’re an employer ready to use Premier Talent Partners to hire your next temporary or permanent hire, check this article out instead.

Step 1: First things first

Little did you know, reaching out to our team is the start of something special. Our process begins with you requesting to work with Premier Talent Partners by submitting an application.

One of our staffing specialists will review your request and reach out soon to learn more about your needs.


Step 2: Meet our team of staffing specialists

Having an introductory conversation with a staffing specialist will allow you to talk in more detail about your desired position and how you fit into the Premier family.

Think of this step of the hiring timeline as an opportunity to tell us about your ideal roles, and we’ll you with them.

Your staffing specialist will create a profile for you based on both your job category and expected timeline to begin matching you with Premier clients.


Step 3: Connecting with employees

If Premier takes you on as an account, your staffing specialist will provide a list of client recommendations for you to review.

Both your skills and work history will be used to determine whether to schedule an interview. If the client agrees that you are a promising fit, your staffing specialist will work with you to set up a time and location for your first meeting.


Step 4: Interviewing with clients

At the job interview, you will meet with our client to discuss the available position.

At this stage of the hiring process timeline, you will have a chance to ask hiring managers about the position and provide the prospects with information on why your company would be a good fit for the candidate.


Step 5: Negotiating & Screening

If the client expresses interest in working with you, your staffing specialist will work with you to negotiate a salary if necessary. Some companies require employees to complete background checks and drug screens before they begin working. Premier may conduct these and notify you of their results.


Step 6: The first day

You’ve done it! Once you have completed the drug screens and background check process, you will start working with the client as either a temp-to-hire or direct hire employee.

If you are on a temp-to-hire track, Premier will handle your pay for a certain period of time, such as 90 days. After that period, the client will decide whether to bring you on board as a permanent employee. If you are a direct hire employee, you will begin working with the client on your first day.

Submit your application to get started.