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Director of Operations Jobs

Director of Operations Jobs

Director of Operations Staffing & Placement

Premier Talent Partner’s specialized recruiters connect employers with executive and managerial operational talent across all industries. Our flexible services help your business reduce attrition and find professional talent that complements your unique office environment.

Apply To Current Director of Operations Positions or Request Talent To Hire For Directors:

Joining at the operational level will give you responsibilities that may supplement those of Chief Executive Officers. Depending upon the depth and breadth of the position, in general, applicants for Director of Operations jobs should have knowledge of the following:

  • Adept in Technology — You need to have a thorough understanding of computer software, browsers, and operating systems in order to perform the job.
  • Strategic Communication Skills — it’s important Director of Operations applicants have a relatable attitude when they interact with internal and external stakeholders.
  • Organizational Focus — Your fellow team members in the company must be able to easily follow your operational strategy without misplacing resources or processes.
  • Time Management — To be the best resource for your team, you need to accurately plan your tasks and the time they will take for yourself and others.
  • Strategic Planning — Planning skills come into play when arranging employees and resources when unexpected events or changes arise.
  • Detail Oriented — Missing small details in a report or data set leaves a less than stellar impression on the company and leaves room for further mistakes.
  • Anticipates Needs — Need to make a shift in strategy? You’ll have to understand short- and long-term impacts of the organization.
  • Process Oriented — Knowledge of process and a focus on quality and process improvement around training and ongoing procedures.

Relevant Position Titles:

  • Chief Operations Officer
  • Director Of Operations
  • Operations Director

Director of Operations Job Description

The core focus of a Director of Operations is to continuously take on and manage risk from training personnel to ensure that there is enough time to address new business problems while maintaining status quo. Responding to emergencies, welcoming new vendors, and scheduling organizational activities are some activities all operational professionals should be able to execute well.

What Does a Director of Operations Do?

One of the main set of duties that may be carried out by the Director of Operations is related to resource management. This may include things such as hiring new staff members, administering payroll and benefits, and handling employee disputes. The Director of Operations will likely also help with communication efforts, which include overseeing day-to-day activities,  usually at the direction of the Chief Executive.

An operations director role is certainly varied. They have a hand in virtually every aspect of a business and are tasked with ensuring it all runs smoothly. From setting financial budgets one day to sorting HR problems the next, this job is rarely consistent in the way you spend your time.

How Much Can You Make As An Operations Professional?

    • The median annual Operations Director salary is $166,418, as of April 2018
    • The usual range is between $145,880 and $190,030
    • This can vary widely depending on a variety of factors

Career Requirements

Within any organization, a Director of Operations is typically one of the highest positions available. Therefore, you’ll need a bachelor’s degree to land this job. Relevant majors and job experience include business administration or business management, with an increasing number of relevant degrees popping up for professions in operations.

Even lower-level opportunities in operations playing an integral role in managing company assets and personnel. Build your personal career potential by demonstrating knowledge and experience in overseeing purchasing, employee assignments and planning staff development

Opportunities for Growth:

    • While it can be tricky to prove that you can do a job well if you’ve never had the chance to play the part, you can find opportunities to demonstrate the skills needed to advance to the next level within your current position. Then, when the time is right, you’ll be ready to make your move.
    • So what does it take to move into a Director of Operations role? While senior operations professionals are required to handle much of the same workload as lower level operations professionals, they must master those tasks before they can take on more advanced duties.
    • In addition, senior operations positions must exhibit top-notch soft skills, including excellent verbal and written communication skills, resiliency in the face of difficulties, initiative, a professional demeanor, and leadership abilities. Being organized and managing multiple priorities efficiently is especially critical if you support multiple supervisors, as senior operations management professionals often do.

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