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Director of Human Resources Jobs

Director of Human Resources staffing with premier talent partners

Director of HR Staffing & Placement

HR recruiting firms in San Francisco, New York City, and beyond connect clients with human resources and recruitment talent across all industries. Human resources staffing companies help growing companies link with human resources professionals to reduce attrition and find professional talent.

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Recruitment through social media has helped HR staffing agencies like Premier Talent Partners find more talented professionals like you to connect you with the opportunities you’ve been looking for in an executive role within the human resources function. Getting a job through a staffing agency is a simple way to immediately tap into an existing base of companies directly seeking HR talent, both in New York and California.

Browse through the following list of general requirements checklist for senior human resources jobs. Reach out and apply when you’re ready, because no one will deliver like Premier Talent Partners.

·  Reviews and recommends to executive management improvements to the organization’s policies, practices, and procedures on all human resources matters including developing strategic initiatives.

·  Recommends evaluates and provides oversight of agency training and development programs.

·  Develops and oversees strong recruitment, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and staffing strategies in coordination with hiring managers.

·  Oversees general orientation program and materials and develops ways to enhance the orientation program.

·  Assists executive leadership with workforce and succession planning.

·  Conducts exit interviews and tracks turnover to inform staffing best practices, as well as employee engagement/satisfaction assessments.

·  Coordinates design, dissemination, and analysis of employee engagement and satisfaction surveys. Partners with leadership to develop initiatives that reinforce a positive, healthy and inclusive agency culture and work environment.

Senior HR Job Titles:

  • Senior HR Manager
  • HR Director
  • Senior Director of Human Resources
  • Senior HR Business Partner

Senior HR Job Description

The positions above introduce employees to the multifaceted world of HR, but higher-level positions can become available after you’ve gained more experience. Once you do, the options become even more varied. You can rise through the ranks in your organization as an HR manager or director, or you can branch out on your own as an HR consultant.

Director of Human Resources

HR managers and directors analyze and modify benefits packages to establish competitive programs and ensure legal compliance. They resolve issues with staffing, employee disputes, employee retention or training, and ultimately set the tone for the organization’s culture and direction.

This is the path for those who don’t just want to work in HR every day, they want a career they can advance through to earn more and take on more responsibility as they grow. Attaining a position in this category will take some time to achieve, but it will afford an opportunity to be in a leadership role with great earning potential.

How Much Can You Make As A Senior Human Resources Professional?

    • With salaries rising for Director of HR jobs, it’s a great time to be pursuing an advanced role in human resources.
    • The average salary for a Sr. Human Resources (HR) Manager is $83,908 per year. Most people in this job have more than five years’ experience in related jobs.

Career Potential

None of these human resources job titles are static choices. As you can see, the industry offers plenty of avenues for advancement and specialization. Professionals in the field could wind up with many different titles as time goes on. The first step is simply to start in the industry and get your feet wet.

If you want to move into management, audit your skills to make sure you’ve got what it takes before you go looking. The required competencies for managers include:  

  • Supervisory responsibility for other people
  • Report writing.
  • Office management/procurement.
  • Public speaking.

Opportunities for Growth:

    • The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports opportunities for HR management positions growing at a rate faster than average. Qualified applicants for these roles will probably have plenty of choices.
    • These positions will require more time and effort, but the payoff will certainly be worth it. As you continue on your HR career, it will be useful to consider your advancement options and work towards them. This means honing your strategic mindset as nearly everything in the higher levels of HR comes down to strategy.
    • You’ll always begin with more task-based work. But even then, you can be thinking about how to improve the company, how to improve the culture, fix problems and create a better sense of direction. Instead of just executing various jobs, an advancement-minded HR professional will be looking at the company’s bigger picture, and strategizing improvements.

Benefits of working with Premier

Premier is here to ensure that you get the most out of your new position, whether as a contractor or an internal position. See the full list of benefits below, and reach out when you’re ready to consider growing your career with Premier.

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Paid Holiday & Sick Time
  • Perks & Discount Program
  • Employer Paid Health Insurance
  • Internal Perks & Rewards
  • Paid Vacation & Time Off
  • Financial & Retirement Plans
  • Family & Parenting Leave