Have You Joined the Gig Economy?

In our last post, we shared that Gallup expects 40% of the workforce to be a part of the Gig Economy by 2020. Since this is our wheelhouse, every day we see innovative companies searching for the ideal candidates that also embrace this change in the modern workforce. For some, this is a new trend they’re just beginning to understand.

With one in three people in the Gig Economy, you may be a part of it and not even know it. For a lot of candidates who aren’t located in a major metropolitan area or technology hub, this new way of work can seem out of touch. We see it as a way of extending the ideals of the employer and granting anyone with an aligned interest the opportunity to gain credibility like never before.

Since celebrating our 20th year in business in 2018, we have been able to review and consider the implications of the Gig Economy. As is true with other growing service lines such as Payroll, we find that employers, especially in California and New York, have reached a tipping point. In our eyes, the Bay Area is ahead of the curve. The Gig Economy is poised for mainstream adoption, and Premier Talent Partners is lighting the path for employers looking to bridge the talent gap in this transition.

For us, this starts with new candidates entering the workforce after graduation. Employers eager to support this transition can step up to the challenge. The hard work of sourcing new talent in fields from Fintech to Non-Profit is a challenge we’re up to in 2019. The broad and diverse nature of recruiting allows us to address new issues arising from the proliferation of startups and SaaS corporate structure. Meanwhile, banks and traditional financial institutions, which operate under federal regulations, suddenly find themselves playing a high-stakes game with startups that operate largely outside the rules. Some fear the game may be winner-takes-all.

With us, the same candidate can be considered for a position with a Fortune 500 Healthcare organization and a transformative Educational startup that just closed a Series B funding round, on the same day. In this way, we’re able to ensure candidates and clients opportunities to expand by forming a critical mass of thought leaders and knowledge workers. It’s merely our part to put the pieces together and run with it. Now’s the time.