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Hire Biotech Office Professionals

Employers: Premier Talent Partners helps Biotech companies like yours hire & retain the best office talent . Find us in San Francisco, East Bay, Silicon Valley, Sacramento & NYC.

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If you’re seeking temp office staff for your Biotech company, you’ll find what you’re looking for with Premier Talent Partners. Temp office employees are a vital part of growing STEM organizations, including biotechnology. Read below to learn what happens after you connect with our team to hire temporary or permanent office staff for your biotech organization.

Premier Talent Partners is a preferred staffing vendor. Reach out today to get started staffing for contract, temp-to-hire, or permanent candidates.

We work with organizations operating in the following areas: Medical biotechnology, Agricultural biotechnology, Biotechnology applications, Bioprocessing, Environmental Biotechnology, Forensics, Bio-pharmaceutical, Medical Biotechnology, Industrial Biotechnology, Biotechnical Therapeutics, Biotechnical Diagnostics, Bioremediation, Materials & Suppliers, Bioinformatics

Scaling Your Biotech Company

If you're looking for office staff, you may find what you're looking for with staffing/talent acquisition services from Premier Talent Partners. Premier has staffed biotech companies to help in hiring for all aspects of office staff.

  • Accounting/Finance
  • Administrative
  • Human Resources
  • Marketing/PR
  • Operations/Customer Service
  • Sales/Customer Success

As a biotech office staff recruiting firm based in the Bay Area, Premier has partnered with many STEM companies to augment office and temp staff. Employment agencies like Premier will help you find office talent that matches your needs with good communication abilities, courtesy, patience, problem-solving abilities and interpersonal skills.

The Cloud Staffing Problem Is Real

The biotech market will see tremendous growth through 2025, so you'll need support staff to service a growing workload. The first step in your talent acquisition process is to reach out to one of our offices. 

Note: It's important to reach out today to make sure we start the process to fill your job orders as soon as possible.

Our biotech clients consistently return to us for assistance with a variety of opportunities. It all starts with one question. Do you work for a growing organization looking to hire temporary, contract-to-hire, or permanent staff? As you begin your search, remember that talent acquisition is not a difficult task but can be a timely one. Premier will connect you with the resources you need in a timely manner once we have received your first point of contact. 

Hire Biotech Office Staff

First, reach out to request talent with Premier to learn about the nuanced differences between temporary, temp-to-hire, or permanent placement. You'll get follow-up communication to discuss the details of the positions you're looking to staff. Use the form at the bottom of this page to provide information to get started. The Premier team will help to identify and match you with a list of ideal candidates.

Premier works with thousands of professionals and the right candidate to further your company may be waiting for your job listing today. Premier will create an ideal profile for you based on your desired timeline and candidate expectations. Once you've decided on initial professionals to interview, we'll give you all you need to succeed. As a trusted name in staffing, we connect leaders in biotechnology and organizations to top-tier office talent.

Office Staffing for your Biotech Company

How to Hire Great Biotech Office staff

You are an expert in biotechnology. You should only work with the leaders in your line of work. Give us a comprehensive understanding of your need. Then we'll confer with both parties to make sure your request for a temp placement matches those of the candidates we've identified as qualified. We'll go ahead to schedule interviews once both parties agree to continue the conversation. 

One of the most common reasons growing biotech organizations use temp-to-hire staffing agencies is to provide uniquely qualified staff in a timely manner. Finding a staffing agency with a grasp of your nuanced industry is critical. It will enable you to potentially fill positions within a substantially reduced time-to-hire.

Requesting temporary office staff may be easier than permanent roles depending upon the quality of candidate desired. Upon reaching out to Premier, we'll work with you to review your options while working with Premier to find contract staff. Assessing skill sets and work history will help us determine whether to schedule an interview. We understand how to effectively recruit the talent you need.

Is your Biotech Company Growing?

Companies considering contractor placement options may have a variation in the process as these candidates will be interested in joining as soon as possible. Finding staff may be an easier or more affordable option based on the location of the position.

During these interviews, you'll have the opportunity to screen and convince candidates of the benefits of working for your company. At this point, Premier has provided you with several top-tier candidates and will continue to benefit you as we help you with your contract-to-hire staffing needs. Permanent staffing for a new hire means that you will need to clearly understand how you will work with the candidate short and long-term.

Premier will assist in the interview process. If you're considering finding a contract-to-hire biotech employee (such as a senior administrative assistant), Premier will also be a resource available to work through the determined needs. We are your strategic partner in biotech office staffing and managed services. 

Biotech Recruiting Agency

From Biotechnology to Cloud Infrastructure, Premier Talent Partners has provided skilled talent and managed services since 1998. Ready to join the legacy?

Permanent PlacementTemporary Placement

Hire Temp Office Professionals With Experience

Hiring experienced biotech admin, operations, finance, and accounting office staff can include complex negotiations if this is your first time using a staffing agency.

One of the benefits of using Premier Talent Partners for contract-to-hire placements in the biotech sector is that you may have the choice to complete one or many background checks and drug screens before you make your hiring decision. Premier may conduct these for you and notify you of their results. We will help you immerse yourself in emerging staffing trends focused on cloud computing to gain expert insights that will shape your long-term vision and near-term staffing strategy.

If the candidate expresses interest in working with your growing organization, a staffing specialist will work with you to negotiate a salary. If your company wants to move forward by offering below-market compensation, the process may or may not be more complex or difficult.

Biotech Interview Questions & Answers

Only after this point will you start working with the candidate as either a temporary, temp-to-hire or direct hire employee in your organization. As proven experts in biotech staffing and recruitment, Premier Talent Partners will work with you in your request for contract service-focused staff and will make sure your candidate completes the drug screens and background check process.

Working with a biotech staffing agency, Premier will handle the payment for a certain period of time, such as 90 days. After that period, you will decide whether to bring staff on board as a permanent employee. If you are a direct hire employer, you will begin working with the candidate on your first day of the temp job.

Biotech Staffing Services

A staffing agency is a company that helps other businesses fill positions in their company for a fee. Staffing agencies typically handle:

  • Hiring and firing
  • Employee’s pay rate and schedule
  • Disciplinary or performance issues

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