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Hire a Receptionist

Employers: Premier Talent Partners helps companies like yours hire & retain the best Receptionists. Find us in San Francisco, East Bay, Silicon Valley, Sacramento & NYC.

Receptionist Staffing & Placement

Premier’s specialized recruiters connect companies with office management talent across all industries. Our flexible services help your business reduce attrition and find professional talent that complements your unique office environment.

When to start looking

If you’re looking for a Receptionist, you may find what you’re looking for with staffing/talent acquisition services from Premier Talent Partners. Receptionists are necessary when you need someone who can handle greeting visitors, keeping the reception area clean and organized, providing customer service and updating records.

With offices in California and New York, Premier understands this job requires a skillset oriented towards efficient interaction with other people. We’ll help you find resumes that highlight good communication skills, customer service experience, self-confidence, good administration skills and attention to details.

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Steps To Hire a Receptionist

In order to work with Premier, you should follow these steps to find a Receptionist.

Step 1: Contact our offices

Step 2: Meet our team of staffing specialists

Step 3: Connect with candidates

Step 4: Interviewing with candidates

Step 5: Negotiating & Screening

Step 6: The first day

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How to Manage a Receptionist

Finding candidates for your company is only the first step. To ensure you’re interviewing the right talent, Premier Talent Partners carefully reviews your job description to clearly outline the tasks of the role. If you’re the one managing this new hire, consider the following sample desired goals and tasks for a Receptionist:

  • Record and ordered all business cards
  • Maintain corporate switchboard
  • Schedule appointments and screened incoming calls
  • Research addresses and file numbers for incoming clients

Benefits of Using a Staffing Agency

  • Deeper knowledge of the talent pool / job market
  • Extended reach to find qualified candidate
  • Help with employer brand by maintaining standard practices
  • Access to key strategic skills with staffing support
  • Budget/Resource accounting works in your favor

How Can We Help?

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If you’re not looking to hire immediately, you can still benefit from the resources we’ve compiled. See some of our most popular topics for employers:

Benefits of working with Premier

Premier is here to ensure that your new hire gets the most out of their new position, whether as a contractor or an internal position. See the full list of benefits below, and reach out when you’re ready to consider using Premier Talent Partners to grow your team.

  • Medical, Dental & Vision Insurance
  • Paid Holiday & Sick Time
  • Perks & Discount Program
  • Employer Paid Health Insurance
  • Internal Perks & Rewards
  • Paid Vacation & Time Off
  • Financial & Retirement Plans
  • Family & Parenting Leave