Sacramento, we have arrived! Having opened our Sacramento doors in 2017, we might still be new in the neighborhood, but not the game. Established in 1998, Premier is headquartered in San Francisco with 5 offices spanning across Northern California and New York.

Nestled between the California State Capital and Tower Bridge, we’re sitting pretty in the heart of Sacramento’s central business district. Let’s just say we got used to this view pretty quick. The heat? We’re still working on that. Second to rising temperatures is the city’s growing tech scene. Sacramento’s job market is on fire and we want in on the action!

We’re here and we’re on a mission – to be your dependable, trusted partner for on-demand, just-in-time talent. Whether you’re the new kid on the Capital block (like us), or a Sac-town old-timer, we have the talent you desire to increase profits and propel your growth. Sac is filled with growing and emerging companies and talent, just like you. Consider us your MASTER MATCHMAKERS – here to join you in being a part of this region’s growth and expansion.

Have a need? Maybe a few…dozen? We happen to be in the business of getting things DONE. Sounds like a match made in beautiful Sacramento.

400 Capitol Mall, Suite 900
Sacramento, CA 95814

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